It is a simple referral process for anyone getting a helping hand with a Good Neighbours Network group. Most people self-refer, however if you are a concerned friend, relative or care/health professional this is what you need to know:

  • All groups are independent and offer different ways of helping. To find out if there is a group that can offer a helping hand, check on our map which shows where the groups are and what they do.
  • All groups operate a safeguarding policy and relevant volunteers including drivers and befrienders are DBS checked.
  • Volunteer drivers use their own cars. Most groups can take people with wheelchairs although do check this in advance. To protect our volunteers we ask that people bring their usual mobility aids with them for support.
  • The groups rely on donations to pay the volunteers’ expenses. People helped with transport are normally asked to make a donation for the driver’s costs and a suggested donation is calculated when booking a trip. Drivers are not allowed to make a profit or take tips and any extra donations go directly to group funds.
  • Groups can accept expenses donations from relatives or organisations.
  • Groups are volunteers providing an act of kindness and therefore are not classified as providing a service.

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