November 2021

Promote your group

Having a stall at a local event is a great way to promote your group’s work and connect with people who are looking to support their community with their time.

Here are Linda and Andrea from Whitchurch Neighbourcare with their stall at their local Wellbeing Day #PeopleHelpingPeople

Linda and Andrea from the Whitchurch group attended their local volunteer's fair

World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day takes place on 13th November. World Kindness Day can be celebrated by all, simply by carrying out, encouraging, and congratulating others for carrying out good deeds and acts of kindness in their community. Each person can make a real difference by being kind and compassionate, creating a united and kinder world, one act at a time.

Volunteers show kindness every day in their community by helping others.

Carer's Rights Day

Carer’s Rights Day takes place on 25th November.

This year’s Day will focus on raising awareness of the rights that unpaid carers have. The pandemic has had a massive impact on the lives of carers, affecting access to services, the ability to juggle work and care and much more.

You can find out more about Carer’s Rights Day here.

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