July 2020

Good Neighbours in action

Inspired volunteering delivered throughout the lockdown period from Brockcare and Crondall & Ewshot Village Pump Group.

Brockcare offers ‘lockdown’ shopping, knitting and baking services and Crondall and Ewshot have been working with a local pub to provide meals on wheels once a week to their local community, all delivered with a smile.

Some powerful examples of People Helping People.

Crondall & Ewshot Village Pump Group

Lets get digital

As the lockdown restrictions begin to lift, we are looking at ways that can help with recruitment and connection.

With many of us now more comfortable than we were with a digital interface, whether taking a photo on a smart phone and sharing it with friends and family or accessing online banking and shopping, we will be developing ways to connect digitally that are safe, can operate through any second waves and will continue to offer the support and help that we know has been so important to groups in these extraordinary times.

We are currently planning Zoom Resource Cafe touch points and will be developing easy get connected guides for groups and volunteers to access.

A few days into the start of lockdown over 400,000 people registered to become volunteers for the NHS, the response was heartfelt and unprecedented – it highlighting a community spirit and demonstrated how much people want to get involved in helping others. As those initial and valuable CV19 support pop up groups begin to close, now could be the time to recruit some of those volunteers who have enjoyed the act of helping and want to continue to do something positive.

Becoming a Good Neighbour volunteer is local, powerful and positive action – each volunteer can choose to deliver something that plays to their own individual strength, a knitter, a shopper, a driver, a dog walker, a gardener, a talker (befriending), a baker and an organiser are just some of the many skills a good neighbours can share.

We can help with new posters, leaflets and sign posting from the website – each of the stories we share about GNN activities help spread the word, so please keep them coming.

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