July 2017

Summertime and the living is easy

July is traditionally the month for watching Wimbledon, County Shows, church fetes, cricket on the green and siping Pimms – did you know that the drink was originally invented by James Pimm, a 19th century London oyster bar owner, who decided to offer his customers a ‘fruit cup’ a mix of spirits, wines, spices and fruit developed from the popular punch. The drink was marketed as a digestive (the Victorians were particularly partial to claims that alcohol had health benefits), it became so popular that the drink was in demand all over the capital and he eventually sold the business for a tidy sum in 1865. It’s called Pimms No 1 cup as it was the first creation, others followed but none have proved to be quite so successful.

Here is the GNN SECRET RECIPE to the perfect Pimms:

  • A big jug with lots of ice (very important)
  • Chopped oranges, cucumber and strawberries
  • Handful of mint (crush the leaves a little first to release the flavour) and a squeeze of lemon
  • I part Pimms to 3 parts lemonade is the perfect mix ( use a good quality lemonade, it does make a difference)
  • Add a big slash of Prosecco and enjoy.

For your eyes only -

These top secret documents were recently discovered in one of our Resource Cafes at Balmer Lawn, we wanted to share them with you…

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