August 2021

Happy Birthday GNN!

In July the Network celebrated its 45th anniversary!

Sadly due to the pandemic we were unable to host a celebration, but we looked back fondly at the lovely photos from our 40th anniversary garden party and a visit from Princess Alexandra. It is wonderful to have the Princess’ ringing endorsement.

Improving health and wellbeing

Annie from Communicare in Southampton has been chatting about the importance of making connections with others to improve your health and wellbeing. See her interview here.

Staying safe

Following the opening up of more business and reduction in restrictions on the 19th July, currently GNN recommends groups continue to follow sensible safeguards using the recommend the guidance we have issued to groups – the use of a single use face mask for drivers, and face coverings for passengers.

This also applies for the position of passengers sitting in the backs of cars and volunteers not helping clients out of the car unless really needed.

We will update the detailed guidance when new guidance is issued by the government and public health.

The key thing to remember is to have good ventilation and air flow in cars to prevent the virus lingering in the air.

Please note there are no longer age restrictions for volunteering.

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