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What is the Good Neighbours Network?

Good Neighbours Network is a collection of over 120 local groups run by local people for local people all offering a helping hand to others in their community. The groups provide both practical help, with tasks and emotional help though befriending schemes and an expanding range of social activities, from film club to bike club. Each group is unique and operates autonomously. Many offer much needed transport to medical appointments or a hand with the shopping. We also have two Dementia cafes in the Network. All of the groups aim to reach out to isolated people and deliver what is needed in their community.

What does the Good Neighbours Hub do?

We aim to support all the independent voluntary groups in the network by relieving them as much as possible, of the bureaucracy associated with running a group; alongside offering professional and ‘hands on’ guidance. For example, safeguarding training, befriending workshops, and drop-in Resource Cafés which are open to all and offer somewhere local and friendly to access updates, on-line learning and advice. Being part of our Network indicates that groups are following good governance practices.

We also offer advice on marketing, have some tools on offer to complement this and communicate with all Good Neighbours via this website.

Where does Good Neighbours operate?

We have been going for over 40 years and now have 120+ locally run groups in Hampshire. The groups are independent, but membership of the Network ensures that groups are well-run, dependable and safe. If you live in Hampshire there will usually be a scheme local to you. If not, perhaps you would like to start one? We can help you!

If you are outside of Hampshire but interested in how Good Neighbours can reach your area do get in touch.

How do the groups work?

Each group has a coordinator who takes calls from people who need some help. They are then matched with people who can help them. The system is popular with volunteers as it is flexible and can fit in with an already busy life and is popular with people who require a little help, as they benefit enormously knowing they can rely on a trustworthy and friendly face. Our best recommendation is that very often the helped go on to become helpers. There are so many ways in which help can be offered, there is always something that people can do. Driving, gardening, dog walking, shopping, sharing some time over a coffee, even just changing a lightbulb can make a big difference to someone.

How much does it cost?

All the tasks are undertaken for free. Any donation received helps the groups costs, especially reimbursing volunteer drivers for their motoring costs.

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